Wing Eating Contest

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Brought to you by the Downtown Goldsboro Merchants Association

2017 Wing Eating Contest – Download Rules and Registration HERE
-$200 Cash Prize
-$50 Entry fee
-10,000 + Are expected to attend beak week this year!
-This contest Presents an Advertising opportunity for local businesses who are not directly connected
to beak week
-Yourself or a person of your choice may represent your business
-Qualifying rounds will be held to determine finalist for the main event
-Qualifying rounds will be a timed event to determine who can eat 5 wings in the shortest time
-The main event will be an endurance test to see who can eat the most wings in 4 minutes
-Each contestant will start with a tray of 25 wings
-If a contestant finishes their wings before time is up, they will be given an additional 10 wings
-DGMA will supply a sign on the community stage to advertise for your business during the contest
-Advertisements will be in black and white and [36”X36”] in size
-You may supply your own sign if desired, full color is encouraged but please stay with size limits
specified above
-Qualifying will be held at the Chestnut St. Center St. round about at 11:00AM
-The main event will be held on the community stage at 2:00PM
-Uniforms or costumes representing your business are encouraged
-Funds raised by the event will benefit the DGMA
-Please see back for registration
-Contact Carson Clark, ( for more information and to submit your
registration and entry fees